Activism and What Citizens Can Do

These are turbulent times we live in. 3000+ service men and women have given their lives in the war, gas prices are soaring and the President is in his own little world.

Millions of Americans are with out health insurance and don’t make enough money to cover their bills. Much less have enough to take care of their families.

Americans are over worked, under paid and over taxed. And they are tired.

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Activism and What Citizens Can Do.

I thought about this for a while and soon I was angry.

Angry at our government for allowing this war to rage on.

Angry that kids in this country have to go with out check ups and parents have to go bankrupt if their kid needs a life saving operation or even just a trip to the ER.

Angry that seniors have to choose between eating or affording meds.

Angry that my mom who worked for 30 years and then got canned because her job was sent to India, can’t get aid because she is white and has no minor children. Yet illegal aliens can waltz in and get aid, food stamps, health care and send their kids to school on the money my mother paid into the system for 30 years.

I am just plain ole angry with this country.

Mostly I am ashamed because we as Americans have allowed this to happen. Why aren’t we demanding investigations into Bush and his cabinet?

Why aren’t we marching on Washington in droves demanding an end to this war?

Why are we not demanding universal health care?

I write to my representives, my congressman, my senators..but my one voice is lost in the silence of American citizens saying nothing.

The best thing you can do as American is to pay attention to who is representing you and your family in our government. Write to them, keep up with them, make sure they are doing what is right. And never quit checking.

Here are some links to help you become more aware of the American government and how to contact your goverenment officials. Drop them a line, speak your mind and let them know that they work for you!  Don’t feel like your voice doesn’t matter, it does and the more people that stand up and shout the better!

House of Representives

Find your Congressmen

The White House directly

Here you will find biographical info on candidates, postions they take, voting records and public statements.












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