Actor Brad Pitt says ‘Hell no’ to directing movies after Angie meltdown?

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Actor Brad Pitt was on hand to give celebrity interviews at the 2012 Producer’s Guild Awards. There to mingle with Hollywood friends and show support his love interest Angelina Jolie, the 48-year-old actor made some candid confessions to the press about why he has no interest in ever directing. Certainly, his choice is understandable after hearing Angie talk about her meltdown.

Jolie was presented with the Stanley Kramer Award for her directorial debut, “In the Land of Blood and Honey.” Many Hollywood insiders think directing the new film was a good career move for the actress, one that has undoubtedly opened quite a few more doors of possibilities for her now that she’s no longer twenty something.

But Pitt was right there with her from the moment she conceived the project. Saying he was the person she turned to when she woke up one day and decided to write something, he felt every bit of tension and strain she did when she was handling the creation of the screenplay all the way through the pressures of her new movie debuting.

Seeing what she went through both as a professional and as her lover apparently has forever changed Brad Pitt’s aspiration for a future twist in his movie making career.

When asked if he’d ever like to direct a project, he very forcefully replied, “Hell no!

When Pitt was prodded further about why he would not consider being a director, he squelched up his boyish looking face and kindly but quite clearly replied, “Just not interested.”

Could it be that finding tough as nails Angelina Jolie curled up in a little ball on the shower floor crying indelibly impressed on the actor that the pressures a film director face on any worthwhile project are enormous? After all, she confessed that he found her bawling and was the person who emotionally rescued her from the abyss just a few short months ago when she broke down and showed she is in fact vulnerable to the pressures of Hollywood and the outside world.

Now granted, Jolie is a gifted woman with a high IQ (and a perfectionist in many ways). Smart people are typically more emotionally vulnerable at certain times in their life because they aspire to greatness. Few people are empathetic about their struggles, but apparently Brad Pitt is… to fail is not an option for her. Giving her all (whether a project fails or not) is the more important part of her creative experience process.

While Brad Pitt does not impress many people as a rocket scientist, he is a hard-working and talented thespian. (That means he is, at his core, a professional actor.) Using his money to invest in the production side of a project may be the smartest future use of his time, especially if he back films she directs for him.

They could even name their production company Brangelina in an homage to the celebrity gossip columnists and fans that support them. Wouldn’t that be a kick?

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