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  This gallery could be put up at the post office. The photos are all mugshots.
    O. J. Simpson
  Although not considered a great actor, Simpson is very famous for his football accomplishments.
    Mel Gibson
   Nick Nolte
  Nolte used to be very handsome. Here his hair looks like an explosion in a steel wool factory.
This is another version of the Simpson mugshot. I included it because it gives the date and the location.
    Al Pacino
Lindsay Lohan Mugshot Sept 2010
  Although not a great actress, she started out as a child star. Unfortunately she fell into drug abuse and had accidents.
     Peewee Herman
  Herman was arrested for exposing himself. This ruined his career of entertaining children. For some reason no matter how many times Lohan gets arrested, it never stops her career. It seems to just give her more publicity.
  These images are presented courtesy of Public Domain Clipart.
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