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The clotheshorse, old and scruffy holds

the array of her dresses. She needs them.

She needs them even more than foods

to satisfy her half empty stomach.

She will hush up her hunger and

say it is good for her figure. She needs

her figure too. So, she looks at

the hazy mirror at the small washroom.

Another day has been ill spent

in agent's office and damp back stages.

More cheap hands to roam about her.

Drinks that have been bought with an eye on prices.

Aspirins. Headaches. And blissful

passing outs into vague oblivion.

The left shoe lingers on her foot.

The other one in an odd slant remains

under her bed. She succumbs to

dreams, blue and gold and rainbow. Dreams of a break.

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loves to write and read, dies to have your friendship.Here is my short bio:Kushal Poddar (1977- ) resides in the city of Kolkata, in the state of West Bengal, India. He began writing poems at the age of six in his vernacular Bengali. He begins pr

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