Adam Lambert Already Dating a Model

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News just came out that Adam Lambert split with his longtime boyfriend Sauli Koskinen and now reports are that he is already moving on and dating a model. Perez Hilton is reporting that Adam is now dating a model. He didn’t wait long at all to move on to someone new.

Reports are that Adam is dating Murray Swanby. He is a host at The Abbey and gorgeous. There is a picture of them on the site, but at this time there is not a lot more information about the couple. He is 25 and lives in Los Angeles. He works as a model, but also does some hosting.

When Adam and Sauli split, he said that the relationship had simply run its course. The two of them are still friends and have been getting along well. It just wasn’t meant to be for them.

What do you think of Adam Lambert dating Murray Swanby? Has he found true love? Sound off in the comments below.

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