Adam Lambert and Christina Aguilera Joined Forces: Duet Teased

There is word of a duet by two of music’s most powerful and interesting voices, Christina Aguilera has teamed up with former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert on a song, and news of that has been making the rounds as it hits the weekend.

According to Ace Showbiz, a Tampa Bay radio station teased about this duet with a post to their twitter account on Thursday afternoon. The tweet read the following: “Uhhh not sure if this is out yet but a little birdie just told us that @AdamLambert has recorded a song with Christina Aguilera.” The radio station went on to tweet that they had heard a snippet of the song during a meeting in New York as well.

Adam Lambert has made quite the name for himself following his time on American Idol. He has been the center of controversy, but the same could be the same for Christina Aguilera. She has risen to new popularity in recent weeks because of NBC’s The Voice, which has already been picked up for season two and given the cushy post Super Bowl spot in 2012. That series heads to the live rounds later this week with the finale set for the end of June.

However, before The Voice, Christina Aguilera was making news for messing up the National Anthem during the Super Bowl and stumbling over her lyrics on the Grammy stage. Some events in her personal life had also earned her attention. Those incidents have been forgotten as The Voice now earns the focus of viewers across the nation.

With a duet between these two powerhouse voices in the works, fans will surely get one great song to listen to. Do you want to hear a duet from these two voices?

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