Adam Lambert Appears on the Jay Leno Show

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Adam Lambert appeared on the Jay Leno show tonight after shocking the world and ABC  when he passionately kissed a band member.  ABC canceled Adam Lambert’s appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live, as he was to appear December 17, and again canceled him from appearing on Good Morning America.  and Chris Brown appeared in his place.

Adam Lambert says he worked at Starbucks as a teen.  Adam Lambert and Jay Leno talked about getting ‘safe plucked.” 

Adam Lambert discussed the contraversy and Adam Lambert admits he surprised ABC because he did some different things on the rehearsal, so he doesn’t blame ABC.

He also said, he didn’t make his own make-up line, and the other rumor by Bill O’Reilly, that Adam Lambert’s father is mad at him, but Adam Lambert denies that rumor.  Adam gets along fine with both his parents. 

He has a new CD, “For Your Entertainment.”


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