Adam Lambert: Back in LA with Glam Nation [video]

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Last night, Adam Lambert finally made it back to LA with his Glam Nation tour, winding up the whirlwind concert extravaganza that went all over the world. Now the singing sensation is back in this former San Diego resident’s adopted town.


All excited Glamberts who couldn’t be at the Henry Fonda Music Box have been scurrying to find videos of this sold-out Glam Nation concert with only one more to go tonight in LA at Nokia Theater.

After scouring the smattering of offerings, perhaps the most indelible tune captured on tape was when Adam Lambert brought fellow musician and sometimes collaborator Alisan Porter to sing their popular Aftermath (see YouTube video below from Suz526).

A glittery Adam Lambert, wearing sparkles in his big hair and garbed in leather pants and fingerless gloves, welcomed Porter, also swathed in leather. He smiled wide as the duo sat on stools to bring down the antics and bring up the musicality of this poignant tune exploring acceptance.

The super star was able to trade up his vocal range in the song from his hit album That’s Entertainment, especially noticeable when Adam Lambert blasted a long note loud and clear and to the thrilled screams from the crowd. The object of every Glambert’s attention and affection harmonized beautifully with fellow singer, and both he and Alisan Porter were obviously very pleased as the two talents finished the down low song on a huge up beat.

Take a look and listen to Aftermath, starring Adam Lambert (with Alisan Porter) as he is in back in LA, winding down his Glam Nation tour. Once done, please offer you own critique. Thanks.

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