Adam Lambert Becomes Weatherman for a Day

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Adam Lambert has shown himself to be an amateur weather reporter on Twitter for years, but today the title became official. While in New Zealand to promote his music, Adam visited TVNZ and was asked to report on their weather. He cracked himself up when trying to figure out where to point on the map and when attempting to pronounce the city names. He obviously had a good time and later tweeted, “Me pretending to be an f**ing weatherman. ha ha ha!” Check out Adam reporting on the weather in New Zealand in the video below:

Video credit: Gale Wittington

Based on his performance, Adam may not want to quit his day job! Although the cities were foreign to him (literally), he might need some practice before taking on a career as a weatherman. In all fairness, though, he did a great job, especially considering he probably did not have an opportunity for a lot of practice. But it doesn’t matter because it is unlikely that Adam is going to give up singing to join a news crew anytime soon.

What do you think of Adam’s weather reporting skills?

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