Adam Lambert channels Jimi Hendrix to cover ‘Purple Haze’

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Last night in Paris, Adam Lambert channeled Jimi Hendrix by covering Purple Haze in his encore for the eager French crowd.

This is a new choice for the singing sensation’s encore material, says Blabbermouth and other sources. And it’s a good one given that the French love Jimi Hendrix and that Adam Lambert could possibly even rival this legend in terms of showmanship.

How can that be?

Adam Lambert is one of those artists who knows how to pump up a crowd so much so that the feeling is practically euphoric. You feel this when you see him in person, hence so many Glamberts of all ages.

Not only that but this musician is able to discern one crowd from another once he hits the stage and then give to them what he thinks they will want to hear, see and experience.

Yes, Adam Lambert delivers an amazing act, and he does so over and over and over again as proven by his Glam Nation that has been moving literally around the world playing to record crowds. He seems indefatigable as long as there’s a stage to conquer.

And that what he did last night when Adam Lambert channeled Jimi Hendrix to cover his iconic Purple Haze. Would you have been surprised by this choice from this choice artist?

Click here for some cool photos of Adam Lambert in action.

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