Adam Lambert Explains Meaning of ‘OOFTA’ Tattoo

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Adam Lambert has a new tattoo and many people have tried to decipher its meaning for a while. He teased fans last week when he tweeted “#OOFTA! :)” but did not respond when people asked him what he meant. Since then, the tattoo has been spotted on his hand and his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen has a matching tattoo on his hand. The meaning behind the tattoo has finally been revealed! Adam is promoting his new single and upcoming album this week and today he explained the word “OOFTA” in an interview with Maxwell from Philly’s Q102:

It’s pretty simple, it’s an inside joke between me and Sauli. There’s no big hidden mystery. I guess the word comes originally from Norwegian. It was kinda turned into bastardized slang in Minnesota and Wisconsin here in the states. It basically means like “oy” or “oh my gosh” or “whoa.” I think the technical definition in Wikipedia was “I am overwhelmed.”

“OOFTA” is Adam Lambert’s fourth tattoo, with the others including an Eye of Horus image, an infinity sign and a skeleton key based on a painting by Hans Haveron. Adam’s first two tattoos were popular with fans, and Pennyroyal Studio created pendants of the designs as part of their charity Signature Collection. The third tattoo, the skeleton key, has also just been made into a pendant by another company called Skins and Stones.

What do you think of Adam’s “OOFTA” tattoo?

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