Adam Lambert Goes Blond and Twitter Explodes

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Adam Lambert changed his hair color, and for many of his fans, that is big news! Early Tuesday morning photos emerged online of Adam returning from a Mexican vacation sporting a new blond hair color. This prompted a Twitter frenzy among fans, giving their input on the new look. Some love it: “@adamlambert You are magical! Your new blonde hair! I absolutely love it! How can ONE man look SO good in everything?” Others are not entirely sold on the blond: “I prefer black, but you look gorgeous no matter what colour your hair is xx” Adam finally showed off his new look himself when he later tweeted a photo (sans hat), “*New ‘Do.

Adam loves to change-up his look often and his hair is no exception. One only has to Google his name and click on “images” to see the variety of hair styles Adam has had over the years. In the few years since he was on American Idol he has had the “emo” look, the pompadour, blue highlights, and what he termed a “wolf” look with greyish highlights in the front, to name a few. Adam is a natural ginger, so the blond is actually closer to his natural look than the jet black he has been sporting.

So what do you think – is Adam Lambert’s new look a ‘Do or a ‘Don’t?

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