Adam Lambert: Is Being Perfectionist Stunting Career?

Adam Lambert took to Twitter on Sunday (Oct 9) to answer some fan questions. During his time on Twitter, he admitted that some of his music might be delayed because he is a ‘perfectionist.’

So is being a too ‘perfect’ slowing down his career? Could ‘Glambert’ be even bigger than he is now if he could just be a little less critical of himself and his work? Here’s what Adam Lambert had to say on Twitter:

Here’s the deal: there have been a couple of creative set backs on the first single. Mainly cuz I’m a perfectionist. Ha. Seems as though the single will explode in November. I’m sorry for the delay- but trust me, it’s worth it. The song HAS to be perfect!

Were the creative setbacks his or his producers’ issues? Clearly there are plusses about being a ‘perfectionist.’ If Adam Lambert doesn’t completely believe in the music that he are putting out as an artist, how can he feel good about promoting it? Clearly most of his fans, and they are a die-hard bunch, are excited about his music.

Hopefully they can be patient as Adam works through and gives them the best product that he can instead of moving on to the next big thing.

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