Adam Lambert Lawsuit Alleges ‘American Idol’ Ineligibility

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Adam Lambert fans are irate over the details emerging from a lawsuit filed against the megastar singer. The conflict revolves around the album titled Beg For Mercy, which is called a new album, but Lambert says it consists of songs he worked on five years ago. When the company marketing the album, Colwel Platinum Entertainment, had the album up for sale on, Lambert’s team had it removed. Now, Colwel Platinum is fighting back and they are throwing out some hefty allegations.

Colwell Platinum Entertainment filed a lawsuit in California on Tuesday, and the details have been emerging over the past few days. According to Billboard, the suit was filed to strike back at Adam and his team for the Amazon album takedown. They allege that Lambert had an “operating agreement” with one of Colwel’s divisions, Welsford Music Productions, that is still in effect and gives them the power to rightfully sell the album. The suit also alleges that this made Lambert ineligible for American Idol.

The suit also claims that with the agreement, Adam Lambert agreed to record music for Welsford and they had the right to use his recordings and name to promote the work. They claim to have spent over $200,000 in advances and production costs, and it is said that Adam recorded 13 songs – and that he uploaded four of them to his MySpace page without authorization. All of this happened several years ago, but it is coming to a head now that Lambert is successful on his own post-Idol and Colwel is trying to take advantage of his popularity.

Welsford didn’t seem to do much of anything with the music at the time, but in July 2011 they moved forward in releasing the album. Adam Lambert has shared that the release of the album was a surprise to him, and Colwel is retaliating against Lambert for having it taken off of Amazon. They claim that his representatives misrepresented the situation to Amazon, and they are seeking a handful of things in response. They want unconditional rights to sell and promote the recordings, along with acknowledgement that they own a 50% publishing share of the work.

Billboard says that neither Adam nor his reps have commented. Fans stand firmly behind Adam Lambert, praising his steadfast commitment to his fans and work, and his grace in handling adversity when it arises. Fans are also very vocal in criticizing Colwel and their tactics for forcing Adam Lambert’s hand in this messy Beg For Mercy situation.

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