Adam Lambert ‘Peace Pendant’ Sales Extended To Benefit The Trevor Project

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Pennyroyal Studios has just announced that they are extending the sales of the “Peace Pendant,” the latest Signature Collection collaboration with Adam Lambert. The pendant has been available for about a month and sales were supposed to end today. However, Tim Foster of Pennyroyal Studios announced today that he would extend the deadline to October 1:

“In order to give us a little more time to increase our donation to Trevor Project, we’ve decided to extend the availability through October 1st!

Sales of the peace pendant have already resulted in more than $30,000 going towards The Trevor Project. The goal is to sell enough pendants to raise at least $75,000 for The Trevor Project, which would result in a total of $1 million donated for all of Adam’s combined charitable efforts.

In addition to extending the deadline, Tim has announced that all Pennyroyal sales will benefit The Trevor Project through Oct 1st:

“We think Trevor Project is a really important cause and we’ve decided to donate 30% of all non-Signature Collection sales from the entire Pennyroyal line to Trevor Project from now until October 1st. That’s right… Anything you buy from Pennyroyal that isn’t already benefiting a different cause will benefit Trevor Project for the next couple weeks.”

To encourage sales and meet the goal, Pennyroyal Studios has been running a contest. They are offering numerous prizes, given to random names drawn from the Pennyroyal Studios email list as certain sales milestones are reached. So far, prizes given away have included the new Peace Ring, items currently available from the Pennyroyal website and even the retired Infinity Pendant and Eye of Horus (both designed by Adam) from the Pennyroyal Studios vault. Hopefully sales will continue to hit milestones, because some of the other prizes available are pretty exciting. Some include custom sterling silver or bronze designs and one lucky winner will even be able to create his or her very own Signature Collection design with Pennyroyal. More prizes and details about the contest can be seen at the Pennyroyal Studios website. Tim has also stated that until October 1 proceeds from all Pennyroyal sales will go towards to contest, so now is a good time to stock up on many designs.

As of yesterday, donations to The Trevor Project from sales of the Peace Pendant are at $30,354. The Peace Pendant can now be purchased through October 1 at the Pennyroyal Studios website, so keep spreading the word about the pendant and the contest.

Have you purchased Adam’s peace pendant yet?

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