Adam Lambert Plays ‘Love Doctor’ Down Under (Video)

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Adam Lambert is busy on tour in Australia but was able to take a break from the Trespassing show dates long enough to be interviewed in the Take 40 studios. That’s where they had him play the part of Celebrity Love Doctor, taking tweet questions from fans about romance.

It turns out, he has a Ph.D.

The first question asks if he thinks it’s okay that the tweeter’s partner is getting ideas from the bestselling novel Fifty Shades Of Grey, and, although he hasn’t read the book, he knows, from his own life, what the answer is.

“I have a feeling that you could probably get a lot of ideas from the book. I’m sure it’s thought-provoking, inspiring. Take notes, get positions, props. There’s probably a lot of creativity that comes from that in the bedroom.”

The rest of the interview, attached in the video below, is typical Adam Lambert. Thoughtful, kind, unassuming. He hasn’t lost that common man touch, despite his spectacular success.

Hopefully, that will never change.

Here’s the interview:

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