Adam Lambert Reacts to Uh Huh Her Band Member Kicked Off Southwest Plane

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This afternoon Adam Lambert tweeted his reaction to an incident today in which a member of electro-pop duo Uh Huh Her was kicked off a Southwest flight for kissing her girlfriend. After being escorted off the plane, band member Leisha Hailey (also from The L Word) tweeted about the incident. In addition to Leisha’s personal tweets, comments were posted on the Uh Huh Her band twitter account as well:

So we’ve joined the ranks alongside @BJAofficial and @ThatKevinSmith for being kicked off an @SouthwestAir flight, this time for being gay.

@SouthwestAir We didn’t know intolerance and discrimination for slouchy pants, being overweight or being gay was part of your family values.

@SouthwestAir Maybe you guys should put up a big sign that lists what you don’t tolerate before we spend our money on your horrible service.

I call for a boycott for @SouthwestAir for their intolerance. Period. Unacceptable. Keep hearing more stories of these incidences. Insane!

Southwest has tweeted a link to their statement about the incident in which they say that the behavior was “excessive” and that their “crew, responsible for the comfort of all customers on board, approached the passengers based solely on behavior and not gender.” Since this morning, the story has received much media attention, including a report from The Los Angeles Times. In addition, gay rights activist group GLAAD has expressed, “We’re aware of the @SouthwestAir statement and are continuing to work on this issue.”

Adam Lambert has ties to the band in that Camila Grey (the other half of the Uh Huh Her duo) was the keyboard player for his Glam Nation tour last year. He told a fan on Twitter that he spoke with Cam about the incident, and he also shared his opinion about it to his more than 1.2 million twitter followers:

News: kissing is NOT indecent behavior. No matter what sex u are. So if two of the same sex are sweetly kissing, get over it!

No one bats an eye when straight couples kiss in public. When a gay couple does it’s “not family friendly”. #doublestandard

@FTWRiseAgainst I expect them to challenge themselves to accept what they may not understand. To respect others rights and to grow up!

Haha sorry… I was on a roll there. Just had to keep it real. Share my frustration. Let’s keep moving forward.

This comes just one day after Adam and his mother were honored for their involvement in the gay rights movement. On Sunday night they were both presented with awards at a PFLAG event in Beverly Hills. During his acceptance speech, Adam commented that now that he is a celebrity, he will use that platform to educate people about gay rights. It is unfortunate that a need for him to speak against LGBT discrimination came so soon.

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