Adam Lambert Returns to AMA’s, Executive Producer Discusses 2009 Incident

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Adam Lambert has never shied away from controversy, as fans saw in 2009 during the American Music Awards when he kissed Tommy Joe Ratliff, his male bass player, during his performance. The performance drew intense criticism, and there was buzz that he’d been banned from the network. This Sunday, however, he is back on stage at the 2011 AMA show as a presenter and the show’s executive producer talks with The Hollywood Reporter about how the situation blew up, and how “absurd” it is that people thought he was banned.

Immediately after the 2009 show, Adam Lambert said that he got caught up in the excitement of the show and the kiss was unplanned. He thought it was a double-standard, however, that the well-known Madonna-Britney Spears-Christina Aguilera kiss was shown in another broadcast without as much controversy. Larry Klein, the show’s executive producer, says, “That thing got so out of control and was just so out of left field.” He believes that Lambert’s kiss was a spur-of-the-moment action, as “We rehearsed it, and what we rehearsed was not what we saw on the air that night.” He adds, “The kiss wasn’t in the script. Did Adam rehearse it on his own and not tell us? I have no idea.”

Despite the controversy, Klein says that Adam Lambert was never banned from the network over the kiss. “We laugh about it to this day,” he says, though he says they didn’t censor it, though the cameras did cut away very quickly. “The kiss went on and that’s all there is to it.” While Adam will be back on the show this weekend, he won’t be performing this time. Another Lambert performance seems to be something Klein is absolutely open to having on a future show, however.

“Adam Lambert is a friend of ours, he’s talented and I like everything about him.” He adds, “Adam was performing on a stage. Did he get carried away? Absolutely. Was he regretful afterwards? Of course he was, but it’s over. ABC never banned him and Dick Clark Productions never would. We’d absolutely have him back.”

Fans of Adam Lambert are thrilled to have the opportunity to see him present on Sunday’s American Music Awards, and are already counting down to his spring 2012 release of his new album Trespassing. Will you be tuning in Sunday night?

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