Adam Lambert Reveals ‘Trespassing’ Deluxe Tracks

Adam Lambert took to Twitter to break some news about his upcoming album, Trespassing, namely the track list to the deluxe edition. He had already told fans there would be fifteen tracks, twelve on the regular release, eleven of which had been revealed in his promotional interviews this year. “Pop That Lock” is the most coveted new track, currently trending on Twitter. Lambert tweeted the following lyric, “Banshee Boys and Dancey Girls get down” to fans after the track list.

Other new tracks include “Take Back,” “Runnin,” and “Nirvana”. The track list starts with “Trespassing,” “Cuckoo,” “Never Close Our Eyes,” and “Naked Love,” which are being considered for the second single, to follow “Better Than I Know Myself”. The first three have been performed at various stops on Adam Lambert’s promotional tour, as he decides the single. The dance half of the album finishes with “Shady,” and “Kickin In”, while the dark half includes “Broken English,” “Underneath,” “Chokehold,” and “Outlaws Of Love”. The latter two have also been performed for fans in the last few months. There is much excitement about this album, which has been delayed from March to perfect it.

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