Adam Lambert Surprises Whitney Kropp with Supportive Phone Call

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Today, Adam Lambert called Whitney Kropp, a girl who has recently gained fame because of being bullied, to show his support. Many are already familiar with Whitney, who was nominated for the Owega High School homecoming court as a joke by bullies. When she found out about the joke, she was understandably humiliated. But with the support of family and friends, she decided the best revenge was to go and look fabulous!

Word spread fast and local businesses showed support by donating her dress, shoes, jewelry, hair styling and makeup. A Facebook page supporting her was set up and has already received more than 140,000 likes. At the game, the opposing team even showed support for Whitney with banners. Adam Lambert called Whitney on the Ryan Seacrest show this morning, which was then covered on The Today Show. At first, Whitney didn’t even realize she was speaking to her Idol, but when she did, she exclaimed, “Oh my gosh. You don’t know how much I love your work. It’s inspirational to me.” Listen to the call below:

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Adam has been a longtime supporter against bullying. In fact, in 2010 he made an “It Gets Better” video, as part of The Trevor Project. The video has been viewed by more than 1.3 million people.

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