Adam Lambert Talks ‘90s Influence on ‘Trespassing’ (Video)

Adam Lambert’s new album Trespassing releases soon and he recently shared how he was influenced by some of his favorite artists from a past era. Adam sat down with Singapore’s The New Paper to talk about his new music and revealed that “there’s a lot of ’90s influence on this album.” You can expect to hear sounds like artists that stuck with Adam when he started getting into pop music in the 1990s. He stated, “Artists like Michael Jackson and George Michael and some ’90s house greats like Deee-Lite and C&C Music Factory. There’s shades of that here and there. Shades of Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode.”

But don’t worry that the songs will sound outdated, because Adam has made sure to keep it current with Trespassing. He explains that it’s “just really kind of a little more of a throwback feel, but I feel like they are produced, and some of the point of view, is current. So it’s updated definitely. But there’s a lot of inspiration from that time period.” Listen to everything Adam had to say about how ’90s music inspired his album below:

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Fans have heard snippets of the songs on Trespassing and some people have already noticed a few of these influences. For example, recently Adam re-tweeted a fan who said, “OMFGG #trespassing is like MICHAEL JACKSON on ACID, F**KING BRITNEYS SPEARS, GETTING EATEN OUT BY PRINCE = @adamlambert OMFG FLOVE” He also re-tweeted this comment: “the snippet of @adamlambert’s Trespassing sounds amazing, very Off the Wall era Michael Jackson.” The fact that Adam acknowledged these fan tweets shows that he appreciates those who have recognized the impact of the ’90s on his new music.

Do you hear the ’90s inspiration when you listen to Adam Lambert’s new songs?

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