Adam Lambert’s Greatest Hits (VIDEO)

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What? So Adam Lambert has only been around for a year. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t already built up an impressive library of great music and performance. Adam struck at the time in his life when the fire is hottest and it looks like we’re in for a lot of heat generated by a long stoking career. Not like Amy Winehouse, who seems content to let fans wait a LONG time to see what’s up her album sleeves.. We can only hope.

Here is a list of Adam Lambert videos that show he’s got the right stuff to go all the way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They better start getting a pedestal ready in Cleveland…

Here is Adam reliving his American Idol 2009 audition. This is what started it all. Notice the confidence Adam exudes when asked “Are you the next American Idol?” Although he came as close as you can get, he knows going in that he had a huge edge on all the other hopefuls. AWESOME Talent!


Here is the title track from Adam Lambert’s first album “For Your Entertainment” As you’d expect – Adam delivers.



Here is the song that should end all arguments. Time For Miracles… ’nuff said.



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