Adam Lambert’s Queen Experience: From Wayne’s World to Frontman

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Lately, when people hear the band name “Queen,” they also think of Adam Lambert, who will be their frontman at a couple of concerts this summer. The fact that Queen asked Adam to sing at their shows doesn’t come as a huge surprise since he performed with them at the EMAs last year. Adam also sang with Queen when he was on American Idol. But what many people don’t know is Adam’s first experience with Queen’s music. That is, not performing, but when he was first exposed to their songs.

In an interview yesterday with Washington DC’s Big 100.3, Adam talked about when he first discovered Queen. The answer: Wayne’s World of course! Adam said, “I’m trying to remember, I think when I was a kid and saw Wayne’s world. Remember how Bohemian Rhapsody was in Wayne’s world? I remember thinking this song is so cool!” His father, a college DJ then, showed him some Queen albums and Adam became a big fan. Listen to everything he had to say below:

Audio credit: Big 100.3

Most likely, back when Adam was listening to Queen on Wayne’s World he didn’t expect that one day he would be flying with the band in their private jet! They flew on the jet from London to Scotland when they performed at the EMAs last November. Today, Adam spoke about the experience in an interview in Connecticut, saying how surreal it was for him.

Adam Lambert serves as a huge inspiration for everyone, showing that even dreams beyond your wildest imagination can come true. Not only is Adam now making a name for himself with his own music, but he will be performing with Queen this summer in Moscow and at Sonisphere in Knebworth. Are you excited to see clips from these performances?

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