Adam Lanza Conspiracy: Newtowners Want Answers About Psychotropic Drugs

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Hundreds of Newtown residents are demanding to know about whether Adam Lanza was taking psychiatric medications, when he massacred 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December.

Finally, people are starting to address the real issue in this case, which is that this nutcase was obviously not receiving the proper care he needed. Everyone is focusing on the gun issue; however, there is very little discussion about the mental health angle. Was he prescribed SSRIs? If so, did he stop taking them? These are the questions that need to be asked.

Two local mothers have gathered several hundred signatures for a petition, seeking information about Adam Lanza’s mental health history. They want complete disclosure of the medical records and autopsy results, because the coroner so far has refused to reveal the toxicology tests.

Look, the medical examiner, H. Wayne Carver, needs to start talking. What are these officials concealing? Even the death certificates of the victims, as well as the search warrants of Lanza’s home and car, are being hidden from public view. The reason there are Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, is because there is so much secrecy surrounding the case.

The petition, circulated by parents’ rights activist Sheila Matthews and Newtown resident Patricia Sabato, notes that most mass shootings are committed by people who’ve taken psychotropics.

“The people of Newtown know there is more to this story and, though they are tired of hearing Lanza’s name, they still want to know everything that may have played a part in his actions,” said Sabato.

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