Adam Lanza Conspiracy: Officials Won’t Release Death Certificates

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The Sandy Hook conspiracy just gets deeper and deeper. Now, Newtown officials won’t release the death certificates of Adam Lanza’s victims. Why? What is the big secret?

Look, death files are public records, so the authorities are violating the law by preventing these documents from being seen. The Newtown clerk is denying the local media from viewing the documents, claiming that only immediate family should be privy to them.

That’s absurd! Town clerks are not allowed to write their own laws! Can you remember a case, which has been shrouded in so much mystery? The nation was shocked on Dec. 14, when Adam Lanza broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School, and massacred 26 women and children.

The Adam Lanza rampage has become a focal point for the gun control debate in America, further dividing an already fractured citizenry. But all this secrecy is what has created the conspiracy theories.

Some people believe the government staged the entire event, in order to infringe on citizens’ Second Amendment rights. Not only are the death certificates sealed, but the local prosecutor is also keeping quiet about what he knows about the Lanza case. Put this all together, and something smells very fishy. What are the authorities hiding? What do these people know about the tragic shooting in Sandy Hook?

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