Adam Levine on Christina Aguilera: She’s Like a Sister So Don’t Mess With Her!

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When reporters questioned Adam Levine on Christina Aguilera, it was clear he has her back. During a Q&A session in New York City, the Maroon 5 front man was blunt in revealing how he feels about Xtina’s critics. He does not like them. She has unfortunately been the center of attention about everything. Between her weight, hair, and boyfriends, the media just cannot get enough of her.

According to HuffPostCelebrity, Levine went on to state, “People shouldn’t say those kind of things, because, f—k you! Come on guys, grow up! It pisses me off, and of course I have her back, of course I defend her. It’s not nice to just have your bread and butter be trashing other people. That’s bullying.”

He is right. Christina Aguilera has been the subject of bullying among gossip media and paparazzi. The recent rumors of Aguilera representing a plus-size dating service is ridiculous! Kim Kardashian’s butt is just as big as Aguilera’s, but apparently Kim K has better publicity management.

So here is the deal, when questioning Adam Levine on Christina Aguilera, do not expect him to trash talk the pop princess. They have formed a brother-sister-type bond on The Voice, and Levine will always defend her. He is mad and not going to take it anymore! Good boy.

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