Adam Levine Slams Honey Boo Boo?!

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Adam Levine has a problem with Honey Boo Boo. In the battle of the reality television stars, the Maroon 5 singer and ‘The Voice’ judge has come out swinging against the 7-year-old country bumpkin, Alana Thompson. So what’s Adam’s beef?

In a new interview, Levine blasts Honey Boo Boo. Is she the cause of the end of humanity? “Seriously, Honey Boo Boo is the decay of Western civilization. Just because so many people watch the show doesn’t mean it’s good,” exclaims Levine. Ouch! Honey Boo Boo is ruining civilization? Yikes, this can’t be good.

“That show is literally The. Worst. Thing. That’s. Ever. Happened,” continued Adam Levine. “It’s complete f-cking ignorance and the most despicable way to treat your kids. F-ck those people. You can put that in the magazine: F-ck those idiots. They’re just the worst. Sorry, I’m so sensitive to that — like, I don’t know, man, it’s upsetting. Just to clarify, I said, ‘F-ck those people!'”

So, was that really called for? Is Adam just jealous that Alana’s family gets such great ratings or does he have a point? Obviously the show in some ways takes advantage of the family by glorifying their lifestyle. There are times when you can’t turn away from the screen when you watch Honey Boo Boo and her family. It is like rubbernecking a car wreck. Does it make people feel better about themselves to watch the show, believing that their own life is better than that hot mess? Does it make Adam feel better to rip Honey Boo Boo?

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