Adam Lind Slams Chelsea Houska on ‘Teen Mom 2′

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Adam Lind isn’t playing games when it comes to his daughter Aubree. On the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, which premieres tomorrow on MTV, he’s talking court, and this time, he’s not just crying wolf.

“She loves being around me and you keep her from me,” Adam says in a new clip of the show, exclusive to Wetpaint. “This conversation is f**king pointless. After court it’s just a done deal.”

While Adam threatened to take Chelsea to court last season, he never went through with it but now that he is settling down with Taylor Halbur, he seems ready to take the initiative and get himself the rights he needs to be able to spend the time he wants with Aubree.

“You think really a judge is going to look at you, who’s been in jail…” Chelsea begins, before Adam snaps at her, saying, “It’s called visitation rights, dumb*ss. They’re going to set dates and teams .. and if you don’t let me have her at those times, your *ss is in trouble. And justice will be served.”

Adam means business and unfortunately, he’s right. As the father, he’s going to get visitation regardless of his past. Even fathers with a history of violence or drug use get supervised visitation.

Like it or not, Chelsea is going to have to get used to Adam being in back in Aubree’s life. But hopefully, this time around, he proves he deserves it.

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