Adam Sandler Dead Rumor: Another Internet Hoax

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Is Adam Sandler dead? The internet is on fire right now, with reports that Adam Sandler has died! There were reports at the end of December that the 44-year-old actor had been killed in a snow boarding accident, but obviously those turned out to be an internet hoax.

Once again, Adam Sandler has been killed off by internet users. This time the death was at the hands of Twitter users. Tweets started coming in about an hour ago that say Adam Sandler is dead, again. The latest barrage of tweets gets a special thanks to Global Associated News who claimed Adam Sandler is dead.

Numerous stars have been “killed off,” thanks to internet rumors and fake news reports. Miley Cyrus has died several times since 2007, as has Lindsay Lohan, Russel Crowe, and many other Hollywood stars.

Well, everyone can relax because the latest “Adam Sandler dead” news is yet another hoax.

Apparently, these Twitter users are relentless when it comes to spreading news about their favorite stars.

Did you happen to catch any tweets about the newest “Adam Sandler dead” hoax?

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