Adam Sandler Not Dead, Rumors Resurface of Fatal Snowboarding Accident

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Adam Sandler is not dead but neither or the lingering and resurfacing rumors that he has died from a snowboarding accident. This is the third or fourth time within the past months that this rumor of Sandler’s death circulated around Twitter and the Internet. Who knows why Adam has become the focus of so many death reports, one thing the world does know is that it’s getting old!

Apparently, Internet death rumors have really taken to the killing celebrities off in snowboarding or skiing accidents recently. Those accidents usual happen at a far away exclusive Swedish resort. Seriously though, anyone who reads that one of their favorite celebrities has died in such a manner should be cautious of believing the report.

Adam Sandler’s official website doesn’t list anything about him being dead, having died or dying. Check it out and breathe a sign of relief because the funnyman is still alive somewhere. In fact, Sandler is probably rolling his eyes about this latest death hoax.

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