Adam Sandler Would Stop Making Movies if People Would Stop Going

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But they won’t, and he won’t.

Sandler’s latest project is appropriately titled Just Go With It. Is there hidden meaning in those words? Is it a little inside joke between Sandler and his target audience, now no doubt quite familiar with the formula of his previous films?

Here’s the plot summary, courtesy of wikipedia: Danny (Adam Sandler) is a successful plastic surgeon who pretends to be unhappily married to get women. When he finally meets a girl (Brooklyn Decker) he believes to be the woman of his dreams, he doesn’t use his method on her, but she soon finds the wedding band he uses. Afraid of telling her the truth, he tells her he’s getting a divorce, to which she requests to meet his soon-to-be ex. He asks his office manager Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pose as his wife in order to prove his story, but one lie turns into another that brings Katherine’s children into his scheme, resulting in a trip to Hawaii that will change all their lives.

Wow. Wacky.

You know, Jerry Lewis was something of a one-trick pony himself. He played a similar character in all of his movies, and each one had a crazy over-the-top plot, but only a few of them are considered in any way classic. Except in France, where they’re all considered classic.

But part of why Adam Sandler continues to make cookie-cutter movies is because that’s what people will come out to see. When he makes a departure from the formula, like in 2002’s Spanglish, the movie makes $42 million. When he’s deep in the formula, like in 2010’s Grown Ups, the movie makes $162 million.

So now the world gets Just Go With It in February. And it’s no less than the world deserves.

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