Adam Sandler’s Rep Slams Death Rumors

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Adam Sandler’s representative has come forward to slam recent death rumors surrounding the actor. Unlike some of HollywoodÂ’s death rumors, AdamÂ’s was more detailed and thus left many of his fans worried they may not be rumors, at all.

According to the rumor which circulated the Internet yesterday, Sandler was reportedly snowboarding in Zermatt, Switzerland at the Zermatt Ski Resort, when he crashed into a tree. He needed to be airlifted to a nearby hospital but had supposedly died instantly upon impact. The accident was to have occurred last December 28.

Yeah, thatÂ’s one really thought out and tragic rumor! Anyway, Adam Sandler’s representative told, “It’s completely not true and such irresponsible journalism.”

Sadly, thatÂ’s just the way the world works. Celebrities are killed off, time and again, in sick death hoaxes and rumors. When it comes to the Internet, one person sitting at a desk in their home can conjure up any story, and there are people who will believe it. ItÂ’s not even a form of journalism anymore.

People should just be weary of death reports because they are now so prevalent online. The best thing to do if one of your favorite celebrities has been rumored to have died is to check their official website and wait for confirmation or denial from their representatives. ItÂ’s no wonder Adam SandlerÂ’s people are upset with this type of rumor. Who wouldnÂ’t be?

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