Adaptive Gym Class

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My son has Asperger's syndrome and one of the things he has struggled with for the last few years is gym class. He doesn't have the coordination and is constantly thinking about what the other kids think. In middle school,it was so bad,that he would hide in a stall in the boy's room rather than go to gym.

This year, he had gym last period so it gave him all day to work himself up about going to gym and on top of it, the freshman have to take coed swimming and he was absolutely rigid in his thinking that he could not do this,even though he is a good swimmer. It was at the point that on the two days he had gym, he could not concentrate on his other classes. When I went to back to school night, I stopped to see the school nurse and that is how I found out about adaptive gym class. Adaptive gym is for anyone who cannot handle a regular gym class,either for physical or emotional reasons. We had to do a little maneuvering to get him into the class,as it was not offered last period,but they were able to change his schedule around with minimal interference. He is much happier now, the class has only three other kids in it,but they do a lot of the same things they do in regular gym class.


This is one of those things that the school won't tell you about. You need to be on your toes all the time when you have a child with an emotional disorder. You just need to keep talking to people about what the school district offers. A lot of times they won't tell you unless you ask.    

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