addicted to food

I love the Dr. Drew shows: Celebrity Rehab and all the others. I’ve always learned something from them that I can apply to my own life. I thought “wouldn’t it be nice if there were rehab for someone addicted to food” – Voila!
I watched the first episode of “addicted to food” last week on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). I found some of the information enlightening.
Since I’ve attended Overeaters Anonymous, I am aware that overeating and anorexia are two sides to one coin, so was not surprised that some of the participants in the show were excessively heavy and others excessively thin.
When the participants arrived, they were told to give up phones, internet AND books and magazines!! YIKES! I wonder if I could survive for SIX WEEKS with no reading material!
I realized that although I think I could deal with someone making my food decisions (as long as vegetarianism and allergies were taken into consideration), I doubt I could last with NO reading material!
I understand that the people have to focus on what their issues are for the length of time they are in rehab., but it is NOT something I could deal with. And to be trapped with the same people for that length of time with NO outlet… NO WAY!

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