Adel Daoud: Home Grown Terrorist

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Adel Daoud from a Chicago Suburb tried to blow up a jeep in front of a Chicago Bar on Friday night. Online, he caught the attention of the FBI when he “expressed an interest in engaging in violent jihad, either in the United States or overseas.” This is most likely a news story that will be reported locally and will go away quietly.

Police Tape by freefotoukThe Chicago Tribune reports that Daoud, 18, worked with undercover agents in an effort of making his dream of “killing Americans” a reality. The report mentions that Daoud and his dad spoke with a leader at a mosque who “tried to convince him violent jihad was wrong, and he should stop talking about it”. Sadly, he continued his plans and tried to blow up a jeep fitted with fake explosives.

The entire criminal complaint is posted here.

How common are these home grown terrorists? There have been some little reported, but troubling stories in the news lately. For example, Abdullah Faarruq was the Muslim chaplain at Northeastern University in Boston for fifteen years, until he was outed for supporting convicted terrorists and encouraging violence. Perhaps not-so-ironically, Rezwan Ferdaus has a physics degree from Northeastern University. He grew up in Massachusetts, and his plan to blow up the pentagon was thwarted.

Sadly, this author has not seen one news story making the connection that Northeastern University has a history in cranking out Radical Muslims.

Apparently, Adel Daoud was an Obama fan.

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