Adele Getting Even Fatter?

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Rotund songstress Adele may be getting even fatter. Rumor has it that she’s not only abandoned her exercise program, she’s also scarfing up the chow as if there’s no tomorrow. It seems the Someone Like You singer has decided to throw caution to the winds along with her health and indulge her addiction. Somewhere Karl Lagerfeld must be gloating, giggling, and dancing a jig.

“She’s been enjoying her food,” reveals an inside source, “and going out for meals a lot. And over Easter she ate enough chocolate to sink a ship. She’s certainly not looking to lose weight. In fact she’s making a point not to.”

She’s making a point not to? Why would anyone who is obviously overweight make a point of not losing weight? Obesity is not only unattractive and unpopular in western culture, it is also unhealthy in all human beings and animals everywhere. Lugging around excess avoirdupois leads to all kinds of health issues including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, joint problems, and even—according to some reports—some forms of cancer. The British songbird probably thinks she’s simply refusing to “pander to those who think she should slim down to boost her star power.” But what she’s really doing is endangering her health and her life.

Interestingly, the portly Grammy winner recently quit smoking, and she had intended to start Pilates “now that she’s half-way there.” Obviously the second resolution has yet to be realized.

Oh well, Adele is to be congratulated on chucking the cancer sticks. Now she’s only half a ticking time bomb.

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