Adele Sex Tape Rumors Hit the Web – Kind Of

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A French paparazzo claims to have a sex tape of Adele and says the link will go live on his web site on Friday.

For anyone living under a rock, here’s a little background on his target. She’s only the biggest singer on the planet, swept the Grammy awards, had the year’s biggest album, set several records only Whitney Houston could beat (if she was still alive) and she’s even started to look a little hotter by losing a few pounds.

What doesn’t she have? A sex scandal.

But that’s about to be remedied by a sleazeball French photographer named Jean-Claude Elfassi (of course) who says he has a sex tape he got through some nefarious activity following her around like a slug.

But the world will have to wait until Friday to see the sex tape (more than likely of an Adele look-alike, if at all) on his boss’ website,

One problem though. The link doesn’t work.

Or, en Français:

“Le blog devrait revenir rapidement!”

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