Adrianne Palicki Makes an Amazing Wonder Woman

For fans of superheroes, the new Wonder Woman looks amazing! The actress, Adrianne Palicki looks a lot like Linda Carter, the original Wonder Woman. The chestnut-haired actress has been in movies such as Legion and television shows like Friday Night Lights and Robot Chicken, just to name a few.

NBC is rebooting the classic 70s series and recasting it complete with updated costumes. Who’s cheering? Even though it isn’t the original costume, it’s easy to see that the creators of the new upcoming show have taken a lot of care in choosing who portrays the Amazon heroine.

The show will also cast Carey Elwes of such films as Robin Hood: Men in Tights and the first Saw movie. Oh yeah and played the “Dread Pirate Wesley” in the 80s classic The Princess Bride. Elizabeth Hurley, ex model and wife of Hugh Grant, will also make appearances in the upcoming remake of Wonder Woman.

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