Adrianne Palicki’s Wonder Woman Outfit Revealed! (Photo)

Adrianne Palicki’s Wonder Woman outfit has been revealed, and it is hot! Adrianne’s outfit, however, isn’t as hot as Lynda Carter’s was. Palicki was able to snag the much sought after Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Womanrole and will be the new Wonder Woman on NBC’s reboot. All eyes have been waiting for a glimpse at the new outfit, and here it is!

The new version of Wonder Woman’s outfit is even more conservative than the original. It has full-length pants with knee high boots.

The new outfit is sexy and Palicki makes latex look oh, so good. Hardcore fans of the original Wonder Woman series were concerned that the whoever got the part wouldn’t be able to fill the, uh, the big shoes Lynda had left behind. But Adrianne has definitely spilled out, uh, filled out the costume nicely.

Here is a picture Adrianne Palicki’s Wonder Woman outfit and a photo of the Lynda Carter in the older version. Which do you like more?

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