Adrienne Bailon Wardrobe Malfunction: Did Bailon’s Dress Incident Upstage Mariah Carey?

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The recent Adrienne Bailon wardrobe malfunction has received quite a bit of attention, which the actress has brushed off as embarrassing. However, Bailon wasn’t even the main attraction at the event, as it was supposed to be a concert for Mariah Carey.

Unfortunately for Bailon, the wardrobe malfunction may have detracted from the overall cause. The major purpose of the event was a concert by Mariah Carey, one of her first since giving birth. It showcased the singer’s impressively slimmed-down figure, and also saw her leaving the event in a stunning black gown along with her hubby Nick Cannon. The gown was described as “black mermaid style” which Carey rocked along with big dark shades and dangling earrings.

However, Mariah Carey might have a bone to pick with Adrienne Bailon now. The Cheetah Girl hasn’t been too relevant since she dated Rob Kardashian a few years back. Her fashion flub on the NYC event’s red carpet, exposed her nude pubic area to those snapping photos, and became the talk of the event. So what was supposed to be a great comeback concert for Carey ended up being a new 15 minutes of fame for Bailon.

Mariah said when asked about her return to the stage:

“I didn’t realize this was a big deal.”

Well it was, until Adrienne Bailon showed up with her fashion flop complete with fabric that blew away in the wind. Wonder if Bailon will get an invite to the next concert? She may bring extra publicity, but do the headline stars really want her outshining them in the spotlight?

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