Adrienne Bailon Wardrobe Malfunction on Red Carpet Gets Advice From Russell Simmons

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The recent Adrienne Bailon wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet apparently left the Cheetah Girls star in tears afterwards. It’s also drawn comments from hip hop mogul Russell Simmons, who recently gave his opinion on the matter.

The incident left Bailon exposed in a sheer dress after she says the wind blew a piece of fabric up from her crotch area. It went down at P. Diddy and Mariah Carey’s Gotham Hall concert in NYC. Russell Simmons apparently tried to get in touch with Adrienne about it several times, and said the singer started crying upon trying to explain herself. Luckily, he was understanding of it all.

That’s because Russell Simmons is a father of two daughters with his former wife, model Kimora Lee Simmons. While his daughters are just 10 and 12 respectively, Simmons probably appreciates fashion mishaps due to his former wife. He also realizes his own daughters may venture into modeling, much like his nieces have. They are Vanessa and Angela Simmons, daughters of Reverend Joseph Simmons. According to sources, Russell gave some advice to the Adrienne after her mishap:

“If you were my daughter I’d say who gives a damn, it’s a mistake. Do the best you can and forget the results. If you have the best intentions, that’s all that matters. You put on a sexy outfit, but the wind blew and you had no control. So now that it’s done, nothing you can do about it, except turn it into a branding exercise. Some girls do it on purpose, yours’ was an honest mistake.”

Was it an honest mistake? It seems that way from the interview bits that Adrienne Bailon has given in the wake of her wardrobe malfunction. Her comments have seemed sincere, although from the sounds of the outfit, maybe it was a bit flawed. To prevent the incident in the future, she’ll just need to make sure certain regions are covered up better. Maybe Russell Simmons can provide a good fashion designer to help Adrienne with her next red carpet event?

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