Adrienne Maloof Divorce Details Revealed

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Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif shocked everyone when they announced they were parting ways after nine years of marriage and three children, little did fans know, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, accusations of physical abuse and even gun toting followed and the two have been going at it ever since.

Now, new details have been released to PEOPLE Magazine about the specific events which led up to their divorce. Paul is alleging that Adrienne’s “unpredictable behavior” has him fearing for their children’s safety. He also revealed in court documents that she has verbally attacked him in front of their children, calling him names such as “moron,” “idiot,” “dumb” and “stupid.”

Paul also stated in the documents that “continuing to expose the children to my and Adrienne’s dysfunctional and volatile relationship is causing harm to the children.”

Meanwhile, Adrienne’s side claims that she had only gotten physical on occasion and it was always in her own defense. A source close to the housewife told the mag, “Physically, all Adrienne has ever done is defend herself.” In addition to that, Adrienne says that Paul’s temper is out of control as he has shoved her, thrown her to the ground, and pulled her hair — and he even “carries a gun in his briefcase.”

The gun, which is legally registered to Paul, has been handed over to the LAPD. Paul claims that the only reason he has it is so that he can protect his children from the sometimes unruly fans in Sacramento where his ex-wife owns a basketball team. “Paul’s priority is to protect his children. His hope is that Adrienne feels the same,” his lawyer tells PEOPLE.

Adrienne also recounts a kayaking trip that Paul took the boys on earlier in the summer in which one of the children allegedly went missing for some time. She blames the incident on Paul’s alcohol intake but he maintains that none of the children were ever missing or even out of his sight for a short time.

Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif’s marriage will be seen for the last time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ third season which debuts later this year.

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