Adrienne Maloof & Dr Paul Nassif Come to Truce Regarding Fortune

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Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif came to an agreement in their divorce yesterday, and while they released a joint statement regarding the end of their messy split, not many details were known about the settlement—until now. TMZ has uncovered some key details about who got what.

Luckily, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple signed a pre-nup prior to their marriage, which certainly helped them sort things out. However, there are often loopholes in pre-nups and with top attorneys on the case, some wondered if Paul would end up getting his hands on Adrienne’s mega fortune.

According to TMZ, “The two hammered out a deal that will allow them to each keep the assets they brought into the union and split everything else they acquired during the marriage right down the middle.” That seems fair. Adrienne Maloof is one of the wealthiest of all the Real Housewives but Paul does well for himself too, so no one was in need of the other party’s money by any means.

As for the custody of the couple’s three sons, the source says they agreed on a deal that was “very close to 50/50 custody.” That’s good to hear. It was disappointing to hear of Adrienne’s accusations that Paul had been physically abusive to the children, but if she agreed to this, that must have been untrue or exaggerated. She surely wouldn’t agree to 50/50 if she felt her kids were in danger, would she?

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