Adrienne Maloof: I Don’t Think I Am a Cougar

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Adrienne Maloof may be 51-years-old, but this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star looks and feels as though she’s found the fountain of youth so it’s not too surprising to see her dating someone younger. However, her new beau is much, much younger than her which has the tabloids naming her a “cougar.”

“I don’t think I am a cougar at all,” Adrienne tells Life & Style of her relationship with her boyfriend Sean Stewart who is just 32. “Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Demi Moore — it’s a trend now. Men do it all of the time, so I guess now I am a trendsetter too.” Even if Adrienne is setting a trend, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t a cougar. She’s practically the definition of a cougar!

In addition to not realizing that she is, in fact, a cougar, Adrienne doesn’t even understand what all the fuss is about. “I honestly had no idea what kind of buzz this was going to get — not just here — but around the world.” Sean is not just younger, he is also known for being a bit of a bad boy and has previously made headlines for getting arrested and going to rehab, but according to Adrienne, he has since changed his ways and hopefully, he has. Adrienne has three boys and although they have a great role model in their father Paul Nassif, Sean needs to set a good example for them as well.

Although she claims that she and Sean are just casually dating, he’s already met her kids and she’s already met his family. “They are happy. I like them a lot,” Adrienne reveals of the Stewarts. “They all are very charitable people.” Their relationship sure sounds serious and with all of their public outings lately, they seem to be spending a lot of time together. So, are things really casual with her and Sean or does she just not want to open her relationship up to even more speculation?

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