Adrift In Silence

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Adrift In Silence


eternal Melodies bounced through an image frozen in time, silencing our

voices, behind An unkind paradox, drastically, narrowing their last breath on a twilight of stars echoing fearful thoughts on a straight head night

awakening a deepest obsession upon lost soul, waving their hands beneath a tearful Rose petal, On a constant passage, framing your face underneath a

sunriseServing as platform for another journey Throughout the valley of endlesslove,  forcing our minds to leaps an unsettled dream to the moon

Bringing forth a light rain destine to discover the scent of a love song,

Hidden inside of a Lovers Farewell….






Clouds bounced through time as souls convey their sorrows to angels in heaven, agony stalks your last breath, fellowship begins to fade walking on circle of endurance shadows regain conscience inside another autumn,  fearful thoughts appears, creation delay by a wave of desire,  hollow ground stand right beside faith, destine for greatness our anticipation nearly kept us from worship with passion beyond the sounds of a river bank, a silent pray declares victory of another soul,  illusions of dreams beneath a nightmare, the world on their knees as bloody streets signifying struggles conquering fears full of wishes, unselfish predictions,  our grace cannot be obtaining by force, you have a right for your individualism,  stand your ground, Forgive those who can't love one another,  I'm passing by with a swirling wind full of ideas of a new world order, Love will prevail. . . An empty heart will find a bright horizon at the end of meaningful journey. . .


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