Adult Adoption

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My husband has raised my daughter since she was 8. Her biological father never called, never wrote, never attempted to see her. He stopped paying child support. After she turned 18 he suddenly paid his CS in full (almost $10,000) – CSR had threatened to take a warrant out for his father, who knew where he was but refused to tell. His father gave him the money & told him to pay it off.

My daughter has always wanted my husband to adopt her, but until she became an adult, her bio-father had to give permission, or we’d have to go through an expensive lengthy battle to try to find & notify him, then have the court declare her abandoned by him. Her bio-father had always said he’d NEVER allow her to be adopted because she was “his”. He didn’t even have to be a part of her life to stop it, just say no.

We discovered in recent months that NOW my husband could adopt her & her bio-father couldn’t stop it, because it’s considered an adult adoption because she’s over 18.

On april 9th we filed the papers – on May 9th it becomes official. Her birth certificate will change, taking off her bio-father & replacing him with my husband. She has also changed her name – dropping the part of her name given to her by her bio-father & his last name, and adding what I WOULD have named her, and my husband’s last name.

The cost of the adoption: $88

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