Adventures at SeaWorld today!

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Today we headed to SeaWorld for the day.  We absolutely love that place for a lot of reasons–we are very much into animals and I just love the whole philosophy behind SeaWorld.

This first set of pictures if from when we went to the "Believe" show, featuring Shamu, the killer whale. I will fully admit that this show moved me to tears.  It was just so amazing! The trainer in the second photo was pregnant–she looked so cute pregnant and in a wet suit. 

Logan was amazed by this show as well!

The kids really enjoyed the sting-ray pool.  You could reach in the tank and pet them. They felt so rubbery and slimy!


This next picture is of a dolphin and her baby.  These are by far my favorite animal ever! Their intelligence and great personalities really amaze me!

Is Bailey looking a typical tourist or what?? All he needs now is a map in hand!  He always takes time to pose for a photo!

We were in a gift shop and we happen to look up and saw this cool shark tank above.  It was really quite neat, although Bailey was wondering what would happen if the glass broke.

More pictures of the kids at various times at SeaWorld.

Picture of me, Bailey and Carter:

Jay and Bailey, totally oblivious to the fact that I had stopped to take their picture.

Picture of Jay and I

There was a show featuring sea lions, a walrus, and an otter…very cute and very funny!!

This day was very fun for us.  We always visit SeaWorld when we come to Orlando, yet we never become bored of it. There is always new things to see.  We never grow bored of the amazing creatures at this attraction.

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