AFA’s Bryan Fischer says if you hate Rick Perry’s anti-gay ad, you must like bestiality

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American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer went on the air yesterday and told listeners that if they were one of the 600,000+ people who ‘disliked’ Rick Perry’s ‘Strong’ ad, then they approved of bestiality.

You read that right, folks. Homosexuality automatically equals sex with animals! First homosexuality equals pedophilia, which is absolutely incorrect, but now, according to the genius Mr. Fischer, it is the same thing as bestiality! The Perry apologists just don’t understand the fact that the video was offensive all-around. Not only that, it was blatantly untrue. Perry is peddling lies and Fischer and other talking heads are promoting those lies as a way to discredit the Obama administration during an election year.

On his program Fischer seemed genuinely surprised that only 20,000 people ‘liked’ Perry’s video, and even more surprised that 643,208 people ‘disliked’ it. He said, “640,000 people said ‘I hate this thing, I hate this guy who made it…I am want sexual deviancy widespread in the military. I’m fine with the appeal to sodomy. I’m fine with people in the military having sex with animals…”

Of course, in the religious fundamental crazy’s mind homosexuality obviously means that gays are just crazy about doing it with goats and sheep and whatever animal orifices are available. You know, gay military personnel are just so much more focused on their ‘deviant’ sexual tendencies that they forget their duties in pursuit of sodomy. Of course, this belief is silly and fallacious. All one has to do is to look at the history of gays in the military to know that when a person is in the midst of a war, the last thing on his or her mind is finding sexual gratification. The first openly-gay military member and gay rights activists, Leonard Matlovich, was a Purple Heart recipient, and was also awarded the Bronze Star for bravery in combat. Matlovich served in the United States Airforce and fought in Vietnam. It’s pretty unlikely he was looking for some animal sex while there.

Bryan Fischer also contends that Perry’s point of the ad wasn’t just gays in the military, but rather the removal of prayer in public schools. As Joshua Grizelle, a public school teacher in the state of Texas pointed out in a rebuttal video, in 2003, Rick Perry himself signed into law a bill mandating a minute of silence so students who wanted to could pray. Texas also permits three classroom parties per year: Christmas, Easter, and an End-of-Year party.

In short, Perry lied in his video and people like the AFA’s Fischer continue to perpetuate the lie for political gain.

President Obama’s opponents are scared, quite frankly, and are willing to do whatever they can to smear his name to achieve their collective goals. If the citizens of the United States are smart, they won’t fall for the empty lies and rhetoric of the extreme right-wing fundamentalists.

Fischer’s video has disabled both the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ options, and has also disabled embedding. You can go to YouTube and watch the video there. In the meantime, here’s a video by one of those nasty people Fischer says approves of animal sex: Texas Teacher Joshua Grizelle.

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