Affair with a GAY man caused Al Gore Divorce? – Globe Magazine Exposes the TRUTH or Lies!

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Former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore speaks about his latest book on climate change Our Choice at George Washington University in Washington on November 5, 2009. UPI/Alexis C. Glenn Photo via Newscom

Al Gore and Tipper’s divorce split after 40 years is causing the rumor mill to go into overtime and this latest rumor really takes the cake. The demise of Al Gore’s marriage was caused by Gore’s affair with a gay man!

According to the Globe, Al Gore, 62 and his wife Tipper Gore, 61 divorced after 40 years of marriage because he was “caught up in a nasty gay affair”. Supposedly, it was that scandal which led to the ending of their marriage. If that was true, I would be devastated.

Let’s speculate how Tipper must feel. To be married to a husband for 40 years and after 4 children, you find out he’s gay. Wow. That would get me pretty depressed.

Interestingly enough, another rumor of why they split was that Al’s extensive traveling in the last decade to lecture about global warming hurt the marriage quite a bit as Tipper stayed home alone battling depression.

Maybe it wasn’t just Tipper’s own demons hunting her but the demons of Al’s that she was battling with at home.

What can I say, Al Gore was a hero to planet Earth and I love what he has done to educate people about global warming. It’s too bad things are getting worse for them as they proceed with the divorce.


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