Affleck and Damon to Play Yankees: Red Sox fans face nightmare scenario

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Affleck and Damon as Yankees? What’s next, Denis Leary as a Montreal Canadien? Donnie Wahlberg as a Los Angeles Laker?

These thoughts are real for Boston sports fans all over the country, upon hearing the rumors that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will don pinstripes as part of an upcoming movie called “The Trade.”

Affleck and Damon, of course, are two high-profile celebrity fans of the Boston Red Sox, and perhaps two of the more recognizable New England sports fans in Hollywood. They honed their Bahston accents in the memorable flick, Good Will Hunting, and have been spotted at Fenway on numerous occasions, with Damon famously throwing out the first pitch not long ago.

But now Red Sox fans, who are already dealing with the emotions of a season that fell well short of expectations and another Yankees appearance in the American League Championship Series, must find a way to reconcile the pair appearing as part of The Evil Empire on the big screen?

If there’s any solace in the report, it’s the nature of the movie. The pair will not be playing the more famous Yankees, but rather two of the more infamous ones – Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich, “swinging 70s playboys” who decided to trade wives, according to The Herald story.

Thank God. Any other explanation or role would be impossible to fathom, like famed Boston Bruins fan Leary putting on the sweater of the hated Canadiens, or dedicated Celtics follower Wahlberg sporting the purple-and-gold of the despised Lakers.

Red Sox fans have endured enough Yankee-related misery. At least they can go to bed tonight knowing their most famous Hollywood fans will only be portraying Yankees in the most scandalous of circumstances.

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